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The Liberia Chamber of Commerce presents Women In Business, a platform for women doing business in Liberia to share and encourage each other with business advice, tips, articles, and other useful information to support women doing business in Liberia. 


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Women on Boards Network Liberia (WOBNL)

Promoting gender diversity on the boards of public and private organizations
“33 by 23”

The Women on Boards Network Liberia (WOBNL) was founded in March 2018, with support from the Liberia Chamber of Commerce and the International Finance Corporation, to promote gender diversity and good governance across Liberia’s public and private sectors. Our vision is to achieve at least one-third female participation on all of Liberia’s corporate boards, rendering them highly effective in governance and strategy by 2023.


By infusing governance structures with irreplaceable female talent and insight, we can exponentially accelerate growth and enhance corporate governance across the Liberian economy. We, therefore, aim to identify, equip and promote seasoned female professionals to fill existing board positions and to facilitate the creation of new boards for SMEs. 


If you require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat at +231 770120596 / +231 880629580/ lccsecretarygeneral@gmail.com or salamartu@gmail.com


Salamartu Stephanie Duncan

Secretary General Liberia Chamber of Commerce

Advisory Committee Chair, Women on Boards Network Liberia