The Leadership

The Executive Council (2021)


Cllr. N. Oswald Tweh, the Managing Director of Pierre Tweh & Associates, Inc

1st Vice Chair

Mr. Tony Hage, (Consolidated African Trading Company (CATCO) 

2nd Vice Chair

Dr. Nelson Oniyama (Monrovia Breweries/Club Beer) 



Mr. Charles Collins (Jafain Consortium Inc.)



Mr. Oliver Rogers (Abi Jaoudi)

Arbitration Committee

Mr. O. Natty B. Davis (Devin Corporation) 

Cllr. Benedict Sannoh (Sannoh & Partners) 

Mr. Nathaniel E. Kevin (Norfolk Group of Companies) 

The Council 

Ms. Veda Simpson (Quidiyou) – Council Member

Ms. Laureine Guilao (TIPME) – Council Member

Mr. Rabih Charif (Charif Pharmacy) – Council Member

Mr. Ahmed Wazni (African Motors) – Council Member

Mr. T. Nelson Williams (Conex Group) – Council Member

Mr. Abraham Karsie (Prestige Motors) – Council Member

Mr. Jaspal Singh (Supreme Liberia) – Council Member

Mr. Maulik Shah (SkyTech) – Council Member

 Mr. Rajkumar Chandrasekar (Kris International) - Council Member


Ex-Officio Members

Mr. Wendell Addy (Past President)

Mr. Charles Ananaba (Past President)

Mr. Francis A Dennis (Past President)
Mr. Monie Captan (Past President)

Cllr. Henry Reed Cooper (Past President)

Mr. David Vinton (Past President)
Cllr. Seward M. Cooper (Past President)



Fulah Business Association, Mr. Bella Diallo
Liberia Bankers Association, Mr. John Davies
Liberia Marketing Association, Ms. Alice Gorlu
Liberia Wholesalers Association, Mr. Assaad Barbar
National Custom Brokers Association
Rubbers Planter Association, Ms. Wilhemina G. Mulbah Siaway
World Lebanese Cultural Union

Association of Indian Community in Liberia

Liberia Business Association, Mr. James M. Strother

Liberia Agriculture Companies Association, Mr. Henri Harmon

Pharmaceutical Importers & Wholesalers Associations of Liberia, Sam Jhamnani

Chamber of Shipping, Mr. Mohamed C. Lavalie

Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Liberia

Elections were held during the 69th Annual General Meeting (AGM) on November 27, 2020