The Leadership

The Executive Council (2018/2019)


Mr. Wendell Addy

1st Vice Chair

Mr. Assaad A. Barbar

2nd Vice Chair

Mr. Johnny Babani



Mr. Charles Collins



Mr. Rohit V. Suji

Arbitration Committee

Mr. Mawan Eid

Mr. O. Natty B. Davis

Mr. Umesh Kourani

The Council

Mr. Eric Nagbe

Mr. Giorgio Haddad

Mr. George Nehme

Mr. Abraham Karsie

Mr. Tarek Razzouk

Mr. H. G. Dewani

Mr. Faboli Kamara

Mr. Maher Abouchacra

Ex-Officio Members

Mr. Charles Ananaba (Past President)

Mr. Francis A Dennis (Past President)
Mr. Monie Captan (Past President)

Mr. Freddie Taylor (Past President)

Cllr. Henry Reed Cooper (Past President)

Mr. David Vinton (Past President)
Cllr. Seward M. Cooper (Past President)



Fulah Business Association, Mr. Bella Diallo
Liberia Bankers Association, Mr. John Davies
Liberia Marketing Association, Ms. Alice Gorlu
Liberia Wholesalers Association, Mr. Assaad Barbar
National Custom Brokers Association, Mr. Ivan Tumbey
Rubbers Planter Association, Ms. Wilhemina G. Mulbah Siaway
World Lebanese Cultural Union, Mr. Ahmad Wazni

Liberia Indian Association, Mr. Upjit Singh Sachdeva

Liberia Business Association, Mr. James M. Strother

As per the Executive Council and in keeping with the By-Laws of the Liberia Chamber of Commerce, the 2018/2019 Executive Council will serve from August 6, 2018 to February 2019.