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Min of Labour (MOL) Guide on Returning to Work Amidst COVID-19
LPRC License Round REOI Pre-qualification
LPRC License Round Presentation 
WAPSCON19 - PwC Presentation
APMT Customer Portal 
EBMO Employers Guide COVID-19 
APMT Mandatory use of Mask and Social Distancing
APMT 24hour Unstuffing Request (June 08, 2020)
APMT IMDG cargo acceptance rules
APM Terminal Customer Advisory - 2020 tarriff Implementation Update - Feb 26, 2020 
2019 Business Condition Survey - Download a Copy (Pdf)
Act to Amend the Penal Law Chapter 15, By Adding thereto a New Section 15.88 to Provide for Power Theft
Amended Administrative Regulations Industrial Sector Surcharge September 2019. Full implementation starts October 15, 2019. 
LRA PSA:  Customs Brokers License for Clearing firms and Brokers
Administrative Regulation Resident Permit Fee Structure
Administrative Regulation Industrial Sector Development Surcharge
Min. of Labour's Revised Regulation No. 17 Concerning Employment/Work Permits dated Feb. 20, 2019
LRA Harmonized Customs Tariff 2018_ As of June 8, 2018
LRA Real Estate Tax Division Education & awareness for Revenue Enhancement Presentation from Workshop held at LCC on March 20. 2018
LRA Centralized Customs Declaration Processing Attention: Importers, Exporters & Customs Brokers
World Bank - Doing Business 2018 - Economy Profile
APM Terminal 2018 Tariffs
Liberia National Trade Policy 2014-2019
LRA's Rights and responsibilities for both Taxpayers and the Liberia Revenue Authority. 
Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) Administration Regulation on IPD
Ministry of Finance and Development Planning Administrative Regulation No. 1.17.1/MFDP/FAD/RTPD New administrative regulation by the Government of Liberia intended to protect domestic manufacturers
Executive Order No. 89 - Instituting Policy Measures To Stimulate Economic Growth by Reducing Administrative, Business Process Requirements on Concessionaires, Small, Medium-Sized Businesses, Manufacturers
Program Management Unit (PMU) of the Ministry of Agriculture Steering Committee Meeting Presentation - Members ONLY
Ministry of Finance & Development Planning (MFDP) Regulation on the Payments of Customs Duties  in USD
BIVAC Notice to Importers - April 24, 2017
BIVAC PSI-DI Guidelines - April 2017
Compliant Traders Program (LRA)
Investment Code Regulation Signed (2017)
Revenue Code as Amended (2011)
Decent Work Act
LRA National Symposium of Liberia on: Medium Term Revenue Strategy" Outcome

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