Why Join


Because, we envision a thriving economy that is conducive for commerce, industry, trade, and agriculture, where businesses succeed and people prosper.  A united Private Sector can do this. 

As a paying member, you have access to:
  • Certificate of Origin (LCC is the only organization authorize to issue Certificates of Origin) 

    • 1.  Non-preferential certificates of origin:  Members - $150usd and Non-members - $200usd 

    • 2.  Preferential (ETLS & AGOA):  No cost At this time

  • Advertise FREE on our Facebook Page

  • Advertise on our Website (discount)

  • Advertise in our weekly eNewsletter FREE of charge

  • You are eligible to vote in the 2017 Chamber’s Election

  • Participation in Trade Delegations:  Members are informed of all relevant international trade delegations and business matching in your area of expertise

  • Participation in Trade Fairs:  Members are informed of all sector-specific trade fairs and trade shows held locally and internationally

  • Assistance in Finding International Partners:  The LCC serves as a link between members and international companies in search of local partners.

  • Access to our Website and Membership Database (Access through the Secretariat ONLY – because of privacy issues)    ​

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