Employers'Guide For Liberia A4 FINAL (1)


Date:  August 28th AND August 29th, 2019

Time:  9am

Venue:  Liberia Chamber of Commerce

COST:  LCC MEMBERS:  USD$25 /    no



The Decent Work Act, which is the first labour law in the world that refers to the ILO’s Decent Work Agenda directly in its title and explicitly promotes fundamental rights at work, passed into law in 2015 and became effective from March 1, 2016. The law also revises institutions such as the National Tripartite Council, which brings together representatives of employers, workers and the government to advise the Minister of Labour on labour market issues and the implementation of the new labour law, and the Minimum Wages Board.


As a key tripartite partner, the LCC is required to provide a lot of leadership at both institutions. LCC will also have to provide advice and guidance to its current and potential members on this new legislation.

LCC has subsequently requested ILO support in the realization of a practical guide on labour and social security laws in order to improve the knowledge of its members on their duties and obligations regarding industrial relations.


The guide is available for dissemination and will support the training of LCC members to ensure sustainability of the new service provided by LCC.


The guide summarizes labour and social security laws, formulated to a much comprehensible and simplified state, outlining emphasis on the role of Employers. It reflect the changes brought by the Decent Work Act regarding duties and obligations of employers. 

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