January 13, 2020







According to its Constitution and By-Laws, ELECTIONS for the Next Code of Officers of the Liberia Chamber of Commerce for the year 2020 will be held at its next Business Meeting on Tuesday, February 4, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. in the Conference Room of the Chamber on Capitol Hill.


There are Sixteen (16) Positions to be filled, starting with the Position of President, and then two (2) Vice-Presidents, and a Treasurer.  Other Positions include Members of the Executive Council who represent Businesses and Institutions in the Private Sector.  The Executive Council normally works closely with the Government of Liberia to determine issues of vital concern for the growth and development of the economy. Its members usually develop and pursue implementation of workable policies and strategies needed to guarantee employment opportunities in the economy for the benefit of not only the Liberian government, but also its people and investors in the private sector.


The current LCC Treasurer, who has been serving as Acting President of the Chamber for several months now, will NOT be running for the Position of President of the Chamber. That Position is completely Vacant for anyone interested.


We therefore encourage all of you, our hardworking, dedicated, and energetic members of the Chamber, to please make up your minds to run for the various Positions of the Chamber inorder to help the Chamber to continue its Advocacy Role of being the “Voice of Businesses in the Private Sector”.


We want each of you to seriously think about it and to immediately start preparing yourselves for ELECTION next Month. You may call the numbers listed herein below for more information:


Stephanie Salamartu Duncan, LCC Secretary-General:  0770.120.596 / 0880.629.580

Motimah Neufville, LCC Asst. Secretary General:  0880.487.000



Signed: ___________________

              Charles E. Collins, Sr.

              Acting President, LCC


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